The Difference Between A First Date & A Second One

I have often wondered why many of my first dates went well (very well in fact) while the second ones plummeted harder than a lead weight?

You could literally feel the difference like it was night and day and from a male’s perspective, I could not understand why this was happening, but there had to be a reason, right?

how to succeed on a second date
Do not confuse a first date with a second

So I decided to do a little investing and found some interesting things that I simply could not see at the time. Things that I was doing “wrong” that she pickup on and clearly put her off… if only I had more second date ideas for her

“Signs You’re Doing Things Wrong & Not Even Being Aware Of It”

So let me reveal:

Being A Different Person

It became clear to me that on the first date, I was behaving in a manner to try and impress. Like many of us, we consciously try and be our better selves, but it is only a matter of time before we act the way we normally do.

This is not to say your normal behavior is “bad” but is more a case about how noticeably different your behavior has become only after two meets (this naturally brings doubt to a girl)

So the best thing to do on a first date is to the better part of yourself so that on the second date there is not such a notable difference.

Comfort Is Not Always Good

This is an extension of “being a different person” and in some ways contradicts it a little. However, by getting too comfortable you are sending out the signal that you feel you have sealed the deal.

This is a bad idea on many levels. It will portray your arrogance and might even make her feel that you think she is that easy to succumb to your “charm”.

Remember, this is still a period of trying to impress, so arrive looking smart and bring your table manners with you

Pressuring Her For An Other Date

The second date goes well, you can feel you both enjoyed yourselves. In fact, there is no doubting the evening went well and then you go and blow it by appearing a little needy and pressuring her for an other meet.

Has this ever happened to you before? Hurts doesn’t it?

But it is actually your fault. You put in all the hard work and you go and blow it at the end. All that hard work would have left an impression on her. All you had to do was say good night and let the buzz of an amazing evening flowing within her… allow time for the feelings to settle in.
Then it is the following day that you contact her and explain what an amazing time you had and whether she would be willing to do it again.

Still on your first date and looking for amazing second date ideas? Then here is a quick list of things you can do:

  1. Play Mini Golf – everyone can play it and it is a sport opens up conversation
  2. Live Shows – show your fun and energetic side
  3. Take Cooking Classes – don’t be afraid to show your feminine side (or at the very least, she will not think you are chauvinistic)
  4. Comedy Club – come on, we all love a good laugh
  5. Take A Walk – Tip: go somewhere you have never walked before, the idea is to experience new things with her.

Start the Conversation and Meet Women

There are guys who are natural born women magnet and there others who are not most likely you are not the chick magnet so how can you meet women? For some men this is one of the most frightening task to have because there is too much of a risk of getting denied and rejected and even worse get woman, all you need to is to remove all apprehensions, doubts and concerns but instead just focus on one thing, starting a conversation with a woman.

The reason for this is even you give all the hints you can do you will always start meeting women by starting a conversation with a woman and there is no other way around it.

The golden question now is how?

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Let us know what happened on your last date!

We are currently collecting stories about good and bad dates. If you have had an interesting date lately, then let us know in the comments how it went! We’ll be doing a fun write-up on good and bad date stories!

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The comfort of having women around you

When you’re conversing with a girl and you are wishing that she can easily end up liking you, it’s critical that you just apprehend how to make a girl feel comfortable around you. In achieving this you could assure that she will really feel open around you and thereby allow you to understand and learn more about her true being.

In making a woman comfortable, keep decent sanitation

Maintaining very good personal hygiene is vital in making a girl, or even anyone, feel comfortable with you. Consider how uncomfortable it is actually chatting to somebody who has awful breath, or stinking body odour…

Make sure that that you simply and continually carry your minty lozenges or mouth re-fresheners in the event that you took some spicy food for your lunch-break. Additionally it is really good to use some scented deodorant, and especially for males, but that does not suggest that you overstress the perfume.

Keep away from lousy mortifying tendencies

A tendency when shaped will become very nearly unconscious and then the issue with that is if it’s in fact a lousy practice. What exactly are some of the undesirable habits that would make a girl come to feel especially embarrassed?

  • Cutting her short when she’s communicating with you
  • Letting out stomach gas so shamelessly amid the public domain
  • Conversing with foodstuff in your oral cavity
  • Digging your nostril

These are only a few from the countless negative habits that would make any girl extremely uncomfortable.

For those who get lucky, she may possibly hang around, but all along she is going to be raring for the instant when she can get as far from as she possibly could. That is why realizing how to make a girl feel comfortable around you is beneficial for your own regard!

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how to make a girl feel comfortable around you step 3
how to make a girl feel comfortable around you step 4
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