Start the Conversation and Meet Women

There are guys who are natural born women magnet and there others who are not most likely you are not the chick magnet so how can you meet women? For some men this is one of the most frightening task to have because there is too much of a risk of getting denied and rejected and even worse get woman, all you need to is to remove all apprehensions, doubts and concerns but instead just focus on one thing, starting a conversation with a woman.

The reason for this is even you give all the hints you can do you will always start meeting women by starting a conversation with a woman and there is no other way around it.

The golden question now is how?

Great conversations

It’s a little tricky at first

This is a bit tricky as there are lots of factors involved in getting that first step in starting a conversation with a woman like the timing, what topic will you push through, what are the do’s and don’ts in the first conversation and the long list of concerns that one may have in initiating the conversation.


The first and very important thing to remember is to have self-confidence remember that you need not worry if your intentions are pure. You need to psych yourself that you are giving that woman an opportunity to receive the attention you can offer and if you jive, you know for sure that you will be good to her. So don’t worry you yourself know who you are and what you are capable of. Focus on your best traits and make this your motivation. Remember that no one is better than anybody because we are all unique. Use your uniqueness in getting that first attention and get going in starting a conversation with a woman.

Proper Timing

The next thing to consider after you have garnered all the confidence you need is to make a proper timing. This is not an absolute rule but instead this is a guide to avoid offending the other party. Remember that although you are confident to start a conversation, you also don’t want to be rude and arrogant in approaching women. For example, the lady you want to talk to is busy or perhaps she is taking a call, you can’t just barge in and introduce yourself, you need to approach her at the appropriate time and mood. If you see that she is let’s say crying or is not in the mood you may want to back off as well. Of course it is a different story if she initiated the conversation. Sometimes it is by the forces of circumstances when you get the opportunity to go and start that connection. For example, the woman tripped and you caught her (this might sound as a cliché) then you have that golden opportunity to start the conversation. Remember to be observant and make sure that when you make that move, you will get her attention and thus will give you a better chance in closing in and really meeting and getting to know her more.

Topics of conversation

The topic to pursue is also tricky. As much as possible avoid things that will cause debates and conflicts like religion or politics. You might want to use your power of observation in doing this like if you see that she’s holding a novel or perhaps she wears a certain uniform, you can use that as common topic to start the conversation. You have to be also sensitive whether the lady is still comfortable with how your conversation is progressing. Look for simple gestures that will indicate she is getting the interest that you are aiming for. Perhaps loosening up and smiling or laughing is a good indicator that you are doing well.


Infusion of humor also works as a lot of women prefer men who have a good sense of humor. But be careful in doing this because a joke in bad taste may bring your chances of knowing the lady instantly to the drain.

Just remember the few tips given above and just be yourself. It is one thing starting a conversation with women and meeting them and it is also another thing trying to start a relationship with them. Being yourself will help you identify at this early stage if both of you will be a good match in the future.

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